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Angelus Novus

Runtime: 8.5 minutes


Angelus Novus is the title of a work from 1920, by Swiss-German artist, Paul Klee. This “icon of the left” has been interpreted as a new way of understanding history as catastrophe in context to the technologic advancements of WWII. While the catastrophe of history continues to evolve, the paranoia of technology’s development grows, and closer we get to The Singularity. Angelus Novus serves as inspiration, and a referenced title for this collaboration between Nick Flaherty and Taylor Cleveland, two new media artists based in Chicago. In their 3d animated short, they explore these themes through beautifully rendered psychedelic imagery, and experimental narrative. The viewer is immersed within a tech-gnostic environment, viewing the world as a spiritual machine, like a new angel. 

3D Modeling, Lighting, Animation, Rendering:
Nick Flaherty

Sound and VFX:
Taylor Cleveland

StRaWbErRy~* Milkshakes/2/{lo-Cal edition} - Chicago, IL - 2016
#PostReality 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival – ADAF 2017

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